Joel Franusic (joel) wrote,
Joel Franusic

I'm tired but I'm working, yeah.

Wednesday January 14th, 2009 approximately 10h20 PST: "T minus 0"

T minus 0hrs - I am laid off
T plus 3hrs - Post to Twitter and Facebook: "Laid off from PBwiki and looking for my next adventure!"
I start getting phone calls and email from friends, old colleagues and acquaintances.
T plus 4hrs - I get a lead from an old colleague.
T plus 5hrs - I have an interview scheduled with Mystery Company #1.
T plus 24hrs - Mystery Company #2 contacts me for an interview.
T plus 25hrs - I interview at Mystery Company #1.
T plus 28hrs - I finish the interview with Mystery Company #1 and the lunch afterwards with my buddy.
T plus 31hrs - I get a phone call from the CTO of Mystery Company #1, we negotiate salary, he informs me that he intends to make me an offer.
T plus 46hrs - I have a phone interview with Mystery Company #2
T plus 49hrs - More interviews with Mystery Company #2
T plus 55hrs - I receive the offer letter from Mystery Company #1

I discuss my options and the results of the interviews with my family, mentors and advisors. I start working towards a decision.

T plus 101hrs - After much consideration, I accept the job offer with Mystery Company #1

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